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  Floor Grinder FG-750
floor grinder


FG-750 Tech Specs
Rated Voltage 220V/380V
Rated Power 15HP
Speed 0-1800RPM
Dimension 970*750*1050mm
Work area 750mm x 750mm
Disc diameter 250mm*3
Weight 290kg
Water tank 30L


Planetary floor grinder, siemens motor, auto balance, gear driven.
Grinding and polishing concrete floor, stone floor, epoxy floor and etc.
Floor grinding and polishing machine
Different voltage, color are available upon request.
  Floor Scrubber FS-450
floor scrubberfloor scrubber-1floor scrubber-2


FS-450 Tech Specs
Rated Voltage 24V DC
Work Width 420mm
Squeege Width 660mm
Working Capacity 1470m2/h
Work area 560mm x 560mm
Brush quantity 1
Brush Diameter 420mm
Brush Pressure 20kgs
Brush Speed 150rpm
Brush Motor 450w
Suction Motor 370w
Suction Vacuum 100mbar
Solution Tank Capacity 40L
Recovery Tank Capacity 45L
Battery Quantity 2
Machine Weight 70kgs
Machine Length 1060mm
Machine Width 455mm
Machine Height 960mm
Noise Level 68db(A)
Charging time 8 hours
Continuous Working Time 4-4.5 hours
Accessories Pad driver*1, Brush*1, Battery*2, Charge*1


Working with batteries, moving flexibly.
  Intelligent charger can be used in different voltage system, 110V, 220V, 240V included.
  Button switches, red and green indicator light, easy to train, easy to use, minimize maintainence.
  Layering of the squeegee is made of corrosion-resisting stainless steel; squeegee rubber can be easily replaced without any tool.
  The water supply is designed with solenoid value to avoid leakage.
  UKAI  and GLOBE wheel, excellent quality.
  Malish brush and pad driver.

Function: clean the floor and suck up the sewage. Application places: hotel, hospital, office, super market, station, warehouse and the like.


Packing and size: Inner: plastic bag; Outer: strong carton with regeneration wooden pallet/set (1.25m*0.61m*1.18m)

Different sizes, color are available upon request.


  Floor Machine FM-175
floor machine


FM-175 Tech Specs
Rated Voltage 220V
Rated Power 2 HP
Speed 175RPM
Dimension 970*750*1050mm
Diameter of bottom plate 18"(450mm)
Weight 52kg
Length of Cable 13m


KDS motor assures high efficiency and long life, 2pcs extra weight for grinding purpose.
Cleaning, sweeping, waxing, polishing,buffering and crystalizing.
Floor Cleaning and polishing machine.
Different color are available upon request.


  Floor Saw MGA-450
floor saw
MGA 450 FLOOR SAW Tech Specs

Power 13.5HP Robin, GX390 Honda
Max Cutting Depth 160mm
Max Torque 28.4 N/m, 26.5 N/m
Shaft Size 25.4mm
Speed 2500r/min
Blade Diameter 300-450mm
Water Pump runoff 10-12L/min
Packing size 1200x660x1140mm
Weight 107kg


Features: Powerful gasoline engine, cutting up to 160 mm deep, with cutting depth stop block, with a visual gauge to show the cutting depth to the operator.
Application: Concrete, asphalt
Machinery: Floor saw
Remark: Different specifications are available upon request.

  Masonry Saw MS-350
table saw
MS-350 Tech Specs
Rated Voltage 230V
Rated Power 2200W
Max Cutting Depth 90mm
Cutting Length 650mm
Rated Speed 2800r/min
Blade Diameter 350mm
Arbor Size 25.4mm
Water Pump runoff 10-12L/min
Packing size 1320x740x825mm
Weight 80kg


High-performance motor, wet cutting available, 45º tilting mark makes bevel cutting available.
Stone, concrete and ceramics.
Machinery: Masonry saw.
Different specifications are available upon request.





  Handheld Core Drilling Machine HCDM-110
Tech Specs
Rated Voltage 220V
Rated Current 220V/6A
Power Input 1350W
Power output 870W
Max. Diameter 110mm
No-Load speed 1870rpm
Rated speed 1050rpm
Torque output 8N.m
Packing size 530×360×145mm
Net Weight 4.5kg


high strength engineering plastics, retractable shoulder, patented water valve, convenient to change the seal ring.
Wildly used in installation of water tube, electrical lines, gas pipeline, staircase handrail and other drilling works. It can also be used in core drilling on the surface of reinforced concrete, masonry and pavement.
Handheld Core Drill Machine
Different specifications are available upon request.


  Stone Wet Grinder SWG-900
stone wet grinder
SWG-900 Tech Specs
Rated Voltage 110V/220v
Rated Power 900W
Wheel Diameter 80-125mm
Type Angle Polisher
Speed 0-5000 rpm
Weight 2.6kgs
Color Red
Water Pump runoff 10-12L/min
Packing size 1320x740x825mm
Weight 80kg


 For marble, granite, concrete, engineered stone and other stones.
Designed to produce a flat, swirl free finish on counter tops, floors, walls and steps.
Machinery: Use coated abrasives, diamond pads or wheels or brushes to grind, hone, polish or clean concrete.
Different specifications are available upon request.